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In Memoriam

Our thoughts and prayers go to families and friends of the following fallen USS Woodpecker shipmates. Dates served and dates of passing are included if known:

Dale Swanson, LTJG, Various Dept Head Duties 69-70, 08/20/2006
Ray Lynch, SM2, 2 tours 65-66, 68-70, 12/31/2009
James Bennings, BM1, 1968-1970,
James Kittley, SMC, 1967-1969
Vernon Smallwood, SK1, 1968-1970, 10/10,1993
Jim Parker, 1963, 08/14/2010
Robert Moran, LTJG, 1950s, 08/07/1995
Peter Abell, RM1, 67-69, 03/28/2013
Fred (Pineapple) Perkins, 66-68 09/13/2012

Please forward any additional information regarding lost shipmates to
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